Thursday, May 27

David Duchovny on His Viral Lunch Date with X-Files Costar Gillian Anderson

The actor and author recently reunited with his former X-Files costar Gillian Anderson, and fans loved it

When David Duchovny caught up with an old friend, he didn't imagine their visit would go viral.

"I was having lunch with [former X-Files costar Gillian Anderson], and as I was leaving she was like, 'Let's take a photo,'" he recalls in this week's issue of PEOPLE. "I was told there was a big reaction to it! I never get that stuff, but it's really cool that people are interested after all these years."

Of course, in the decades since his hit show first premiered, the multi-talented Duchovny, 60, has been plenty busy in the acting, writing and music worlds.

"There is still a lot of stuff I want to do," says the author, whose fifth literary venture, an Audible Original audio story, The Reservoir, premieres Thursday. (A singer-songwriter, he will also release his third album this year, Gestureland, and is working on a pilot for his novel, Truly Like Lightning.)

The inspiration for Reservoir came in part thanks to quarantine last year. "I was in New York at home, and I thought about what it would be like if I saw someone who was flashing their lights because they were in trouble and needed help," says Duchovny. "It's a little bit like Rear Window, in a pandemic."

Besides the creative nudge, Duchovny admits that unprecedented time at home did have some silver linings.

"My son was with me and we spent pretty much the last year together 24/7," says Duchovny of 18-year-old Miller, whom he shares with ex-wife Tea Leoni. (They also have daughter West, 22.) "I'd always been working a lot so we'd never really done that before. And it was a beautiful thing. We weren't really on each other's nerves too much!"

And Dad's creative talents are passing down to his kids. "My daughter is an actress and she's really terrific," says Duchovny. "And my son plays the guitar. He's very musical. And he's good. I'm just mediocre. I'm not good enough to play with him!"

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