Tuesday, April 27

David Duchovny New Audiobook: The Reservoir

Premieres May 27

Written and Performed by David Duchovny

Told from the perspective of a middle-aged man living alone who grows increasingly obsessed with a woman whose apartment window he faces, the title has elements of the 1954 film "Rear Window" combined with a present-day sense of urgency. 

While some fans might be surprised to know that their favorite "The X-Files'' and "Californication" star is also a skilled writer, Duchovny in fact graduated from Princeton University summa cum laude with a bachelor's degree in English literature and received a Master's Degree in English Literature from Yale University. It was at Yale where he began to study acting and found his love for the on-stage, on-screen action, eventually leading him to pursue acting full time. Duchovny's passion for writing still holds strong so much so that in February 2021, Duchovny released his latest novel Truly Like Lightning, making The Reservoir his fifth venture in the literary world, and his first audio-only project.

Set to debut on Audible in May.

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