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New Appearance: David Duchovny on "Talking Sh!t with Orlando Jones" - June 2020

Thursday, June 25

David Duchovny was invited to a show hosted by Orlando Jones. #EvolutionReunion - June 23, 2020. The full interview is not available yet, but it will be online soon. 

The X- Files: Behind The Scenes (From Season 1 to Season 9)

Wednesday, June 17

Some of the best behind scenes from Season One to Season Nine. Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi. 

Duchovny's New Book: 'Truly Like Lightning' out in February 2, 2021

Thursday, May 21

Farrar, Straus & Giroux will publish David Duchovny's fourth novel. TRULY LIKE LIGHTNING is an epic adventure that follows Bronson Powers, a former stuntman and Mormon, who has been homesteading outside of Joshua Tree with his 3 wives and 10 children. Pre-order now. 

Interview: David Duchovny on the Climate Crisis, the Drawbacks of Technology, and the Craft of Writing

Thursday, May 14

This is an extensive interview David Duchovny did for TimeSensitive.fm - you can find the full audio below or read the transcript. 

Minnie Driver Answers Every Question We Have About Return to Me - and David Duchovny

Sunday, May 10

Minnie Driver gave a new interview about the movie she starred with David Duchovny "Return to Me" - Read some anecdotes below:

Californication: Famous rapper Drake is fan of Hank Moody

Monday, May 4

Yesterday, Canadian songwriter and singer Drake posted on his Instagram stories some photos of our favorite tv-show Californication. In those photos, you can see Hank Moody, and in some others Hank and Karen together. 

Harry and Meghan could buy David Duchovny's former Malibu Mansion

Sunday, April 12

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have reportedly bought a $15 million five-bedroom mansion from Mel Gibson

Coronavirus: David Duchovny in quarantine in New York City - 2020

Monday, March 30

You are probably reading this post while you are at home. Coronavirus has infected many people all over the world! Cities are under lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As fans, we wonder if David Duchovny is spending this time in LA or NYC? We had the answer thanks to one of his daughter's stories on Instagram. See below. He is staying in New York City.

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