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David Duchovny at the studio for New Music Album - January 2020

Monday, January 20

David Duchovny gave an interview for Rolling Stone. Coming soon. He's currently working on his third music album. New York City. 

PHOTO: David Duchovny travels with his kids and Téa Leoni

West Duchovny posted a picture of her family in Saint Barth's. Pictured are David Duchovny, mother Tea Leoni, brother Miller and West herself. January 2020.

Hell or Highwater: David Duchovny performs live in NYC - December 5, 2019

Wednesday, December 18

David Duchovny sang Hell or Highwater during a live performance in NYC. Dec 5, 2019.

David Duchovny: New TV role, New book and THIRD music album UPDATES! - December 2019 (Interview)

Sunday, December 15

He’s mostly known for his acting skills — in The X-Files and Californication as well as films including 1993’s classic Kalifornia and the 2000 rom-com Return To Me. But David Duchovny is a renaissance man: he’s a writer with three novels to his name, and a musician with a two-album discography.

THE CRAFT: New Behind The Scenes Photos with David Duchovny - 2019

Friday, December 13

The director of the movie The Craft posted on instagram a couple of new pictures next to David Duchovny. There is a funny short clip of David having his nails done too. It seems the video was filmed during a photoshoot. December 13, 2019. 

David Duchovny has finished filming "The Craft"

Saturday, November 30

It's a wrap! Unfortunately we did not get any pictures of David Duchovny on set of his latest movie The Craft. We know he flew to Toronto for this role due to some sightings. Let's hope to get more details in the future. In the meantime here are some pictures posted by cast and crew members of the film. 

Photos: David Duchovny arriving in Toronto to film "The Craft" - October 26, 2019

Wednesday, October 30

David Duchovny was spotted in Toronto to begin filming his new project "The Craft" reboot. Toronto, Canada. October 26, 2019.

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