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David Duchovny spotted at Broadway play 'Ferryman'

Saturday, November 24

Two days ago, David Duchovny was seen watching a Broadway show in New York City. November 2018. A fan took this picture: 

10 Times The X-Files Mythology Confused Fans

Saturday, November 17

The Truth Is Out There.... and it's more confusing than you ever thought possible.

For a series devoted to finding the truth, The X-Files mythology had more than its fair share of deceptive twists and turns over the course of twelve seasons. Early episodes were open-ended, meaning viewers had to wait for a resolution. It was confusing but in a good way.

Things got muddled as the seasons went by, perhaps because creator Chris Carter refused to keep an internal bible. And that meant that the mythology folded in on itself and the confusing nature of the show changed from the good kind to the bad.

David Duchovny and Ben Stiller Spotted Together at Elton John's Concert

Monday, November 12

David Duchovny and Ben Stiller were seen at Elton John's Concert - 'Farewell Yellow Brick Road'
 in New York City. November 10, 2018. See photo after the cut

Backstage Photos: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Together at Spooky Empire!

Saturday, October 27

Some photos of David and Gillian today during the Spooky Empire event. (more to come later) October 27, 2018.

David Duchovny at Author's Night organized by Collegiate School - October 24, 2018

Friday, October 26

To open the 2018 Book Festival, Daniel Wakin ’79 led a discussion with fellow alums Peter Blauner ’78 and David Duchovny ’78 at Authors Night. All three have recent books that take place in NYC. They spoke of the New York of yesterday and today, as well as their Collegiate experiences.

Photo: David and Téa reunited to see their daughter! - Oct 20, 2018

Saturday, October 20

David Duchovny and Téa Leoni photographed together next to their daughter West Duchovny. October 20, 2018. 

Zach Braff: My more handsome doppelgänger just sat down next to me!

Friday, October 19

Zach Braff posted a new photo with David on his instagram. Caption reads "My more handsome doppelgänger just sat down next to me on the train." October 19, 2018. 

David Duchovny grabs lunch in NYC - October 8, 2018

Wednesday, October 10

David Duchovny photographed grabing his lunch today in New York City. New haircut! October 8, 2018

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