Tuesday, June 21

Leslie Mann: David Duchovny shares his side of the story!

“The Bubble” actor responds to his co-star’s claim about what happened (or didn’t happen) between them 27 years ago.

David Duchovny Jokes That He Invented 'Ghosting' In The '90s

David Duchovny and Leslie Mann star in Judd Apatow’s Netflix film, “The Bubble,” but as it turns out, the co-stars first met 27 years ago.

According to Mann, she and the then-“X-files” star really clicked off-screen — or at least they almost did. In a recent interview, she claimed that he disappeared before things ever had a chance to develop.

So when Duchovny paid a visit to TODAY on Monday morning, he responded to the allegation that he "ghosted" her decades before the term even became part of the dating vernacular.

“Well, I like to be a trendsetter,” the 61-year-old deadpanned when asked about it.

But when it comes to the details of their shared past, Duchovny admitted he’s a little hazy.

“She recalls it a lot better than I do, because I was the one who behaved badly,” he said.

As for Mann's recollection, she shared it with Seth Meyers back in April.
"We met and I think he was into me," the 50-year-old told the "Late Night" host.

But after they got into a cab together, the vibe changed.
"David stopped the cab," she said. "He got out of the cab and left the cab — ran away from the cab. And then he didn’t speak to me again for 27 years."

Mann, who's now married to Apatow, playfully wrapped up her version of events by saying that when she and Duchovny reunited on the set of "The Bubble" and the topic of that night in the cab came up, he explained to her that it was nothing personal, saying, "I think I just left my weed in my room."

Looking back on the whole incident on Monday, Duchovny said of the story: "It doesn’t sound like me, but I’m not calling her a liar. I’m sure it happened."

Still, he stressed that they weren't really dating.

"We’d just gone out to a party," he said. "Honestly, I don’t recall a moment of it, so I can’t make excuses for my former self."

Then, dishing up a little more of his dry humor, he added, "But I will take credit for inventing ghosting."

source: today

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