Tuesday, April 5

The Bubble: Leslie Mann revealed that David Duchovny abandoned her during a night out

Leslie Mann reveals she first met David Duchovny 27 years ago and he abruptly 'ran away' from her

Leslie Mann and David Duchovny in "The Bubble" Netflix (2022)

Leslie Mann has revealed that she first met David Duchovny 27 years ago — when "The X-Files" actor abandoned her during a night out.

Speaking to Seth Meyers on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," Mann discussed her first meeting with Duchovny and what it was like reuniting with him on the set of the new Netflix film "The Bubble," a comedy directed by Mann's husband, Judd Apatow.

"I've actually known him — well, I met him 27 years ago on my first job, 'Birdland,' and he was working on 'The X-Files' and we met," she said. "I think he was, like, into me, and he invited me to his set and I invited him to my hotel room for a Halloween party."

"Then, my best friend and I and David, the three of us were going to a bar after the party and we got into a cab, started to leave, and David stopped the cab," she continued. "He got out of the cab and left the cab, ran away from the cab, and didn't speak to me again for 27 years."

Mann said that she had seen Duchovny "over the course of 27 years" but it was only when they co-starred as a former couple in "The Bubble" that she got an explanation.

"When we were about to have this reunion on 'The Bubble,' I worked up the courage to ask him, 'What the hell happened? Why'd you get out of the cab?' And he said, 'oh, yeah, I kinda remember that, I think I just left my weed in my room,'" Mann told Meyers.

In response, Meyers said, "It's very kind that you forgave him."

"Right?" Mann joked. "Don't do drugs!"

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