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PHOTOS: David Duchovny Poses inside a Subway in NYC!

Thursday, September 20

David Duchovny visits the New York Transit Museum on Thu., September 20, 2018 where he discussed his new fantasy novel, "Miss Subways," with New York Times critic Ginia Bellafante. 

David Duchovny did a Pop-Up Book Group for "Miss Subways"

Tuesday, September 18

David Duchovny was invited to a private book group meeting. He talked about his most recent book "Miss Subways" in NYC. September 17, 2018

European Tour Dates 2019 - David Duchovny "Every Third Thought"

Click the links below to purchase your tickets. See you in Europe!

David Duchovny at Ethan Hawke's Premiere of 'Blaze' - September 5, 2018

Thursday, September 6

Sundance Selects Presents A New York Special Screening of Ethan Hawke's Film 'Blaze'. Charlie Sexton, Ethan Hawke and David Duchovny. 05 Sep 2018

David Duchovny spotted with fans in Rhode Island - September 1, 2018

Tuesday, September 4

Fans took pictures next to David Duchovny at Providence Place Shopping Mall, Rhode Island. September 1, 2018 

X-FILES: Barbie® Made New Mulder and Scully Dolls! - 2018 Edition

Wednesday, August 29

The recently concluded eleventh season is said to be the last revival season for the show, fans now have a new way to celebrate Chris Carter’s legendary science-fiction series in style. In honor of the 25th anniversary of THE X-FILES, Barbie® celebrates the influential series that went from breakout sci-fi favorite to massive global hit, becoming one of the most successful television dramas of all time. 

David Duchovny Voice Of New Sofa Ad Campaign 2018

Wednesday, August 22

The X-Files and Californication actor David Duchovny has been hired as the voice of a new marketing campaign for sofa specialists, Sofology.

The ad campaign is dubbed "Little Things", and emphasizes the importance of choosing the right sofa - a piece of furniture that has an average lifetime of 7-10 years in the home. It takes a deep and closer look at the comfort and aesthetic components of a sofa, with the assistance of CGI.
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