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Watch: David Duchovny on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson - July 24, 2014

David Duchovny on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to promote his latest film Louder Than Words (In selected US theaters on August 1st).  July 24. 2014

David Duchovny's Russian Beer Ad Goes Viral

The commercial, featuring the slogan, 'You [Russians] have something to be proud of,' attracted over 1.7 million views in the first 4 days.

Featuring the slogan, "You [Russians] have something to be proud of," the commercial was published last Friday on the YouTube channel of the beer brand Sibirskaya Korona (Siberian Crown), manufactured by Sun InBev. It advertises a non-alcoholic kind of Siberian Crown beer.

The Russian business daily Vedomosti reported that Duchovny was chosen to be featured in the commercial based on a Russian focus group and was second on the list after Leonardo DiCaprio. He came out ahead of Vincent Cassel and Johnny Depp.

The report estimated the budget of the commercial, which hasn't been disclosed, to be about $1.5 million, of which $1 million was Duchovny's fee.

Monday, July 28

David Duchovny: Beer commercial is not a political statement

David Duchovny says his beer commercial musing about living his life as a Russian does NYET mean he supports Russian politics -- especially the invasion of the Ukraine.

Duchovny's statement to TMZ comes in the middle of a flurry of criticism over his commercial for a Russian Siberian beer -- Siberian Crown. Duchovny wonders in the spot what his life would be like if he was Russian .... fantasizing about being a cosmonaut, a ballerina, and other Russian stuff.

Friday, July 25

WATCH: David Duchovny in Russian Beer Commercial - 2014

American actor David Duchovny has starred in a  beer commercial "Siberian Crown". In this ad, David imagines if he was Russian.

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Chris Sheffield about "Aquarius"

Chris Sheffield plays David Duchovny's son in Aquarius. 

TV Goodness: I just read that you are doing a show with David Duchovny. Can you just briefly tell me anything about that?

Chris: Yeah, I can’t really discuss much storyline. I started yesterday and I play David Duchovny’s son on NBC’s Aquarius and the show follows David playing a cop in the ’60s who is chasing down, who we come to find out is Charles Manson. It’s a very gritty show for NBC. It’s so well written. And David character’s has a very complicated family life as well and that’s kind of where my character comes into play. I’m very excited about that as well. I believe that comes out in 2015.

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