Wednesday, February 20

Hank Moody Sports Coat / Jacket


What's the jacket Hank Moody wears on Californication? Hank is very casual yet stylish.When he's not wearing his distinctive black leather jacket. He will be wearing a dark sports coat/jacket/blazer with two buttoms close in front. See pictures below: 

(From left to right) Image from Hank Moody in Season 3.
Image from Promo Californication Season 1

We confirmed that Hank is dressed with  Yves Saint Laurent sports coat/jacket.(It's not showed here but during the series if you pay close attention. There was a glimpse of the sports coat's inside pocket and it is visible the logo of YSL: Yves Saint Laurent). 

I have searched this model (Yves Saint Laurent Men’s Formal Smart Designer Suit Blazer Jacket) on Amazon and unfortunately is unavailable at the moment. You are welcome to try with more stores of course. Even if you find them or not, I will recommend you similar outfits

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