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David Duchovny Tattoo Ring Finger

David Duchovny's ring finger tattoo is a four letter anagram. A - Y - S - F. It was made for his 10th wedding anniversary with Tea Leoni in 2007.

What does David Duchovny Tattoo Mean? What does AYSF Mean?
It was never revealed the meaning of AYSF. Both David and Tea decided to keep it secret.
*UPDATED 2018*
Finally, David Duchovny confirmed the meaning of the AYSF tattoo that he shared with Tea Leoni. Although, Tea Leoni covered hers with another tattoo. He still has the "AYSF" initials visible on his ring finger. They stand for At Your Side Forever.

Poignantly, his ring finger still has a wedding tattoo, of the letters AYSF, which stand for At Your Side Forever. “But people think the AYSF is American Youth Soccer Foundation and I tell them, ‘Yes, that’s it,’” Mr. Duchovny says. “I’m a big fan of the game.” - quote from NYTimes.

David Duchovny at a press conference in 2012

Some interviews and mentions of the AYSF tattoo over the years: 

He also cheerfully answered questions about his family life, flashing a ring finger tattooed to celebrate his 10th wedding anniversary to actress Tea Leoni. Written on both their wedding fingers now are the initials "AYSF." Duchovny explained that it was "a phrase we say to one another," although he never tells what it stand for.
- - July, 2007

HW: How did you celebrate your 10-year anniversary?
DD: Well, we got these [tattoos]. I hate wearing [my wedding band] because I bang it everywhere and I hurt myself, so we made a compromise. I said, 'If I get a tattoo can I take that ring off?' She said, 'Sure.' She liked the tattoo and she went ahead and got one for herself.
HW: Can you describe the tattoo?
DD: It's AYSF, which stands for a phrase that we say to one another, but I don't actually tell anybody.

David Duchovny Ring Finger Meaning 
David Duchovny Tattoo Ring Finger
David Duchovny Finger Tattoo 
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