Wednesday, February 23

New: Comedy ‘The Estate’ adds David Duchovny - 2022

The Estate rounds out its cast with David Duchovny and Ron Livingston. 

The Signature Films' inheritance battle comedy is being directed by Dean Craig and also stars Toni Collette, Anna Faris, Kathleen Turner, Rosemary DeWitt, and Keyla Monterroso. The script was also penned by Craig and follows two sisters, Macey (Collette) and Savanna (Faris), who learn that they're rich because their estranged is Aunt Hilda dying of cancer. The two see it as an opportunity to get the inheritance and begin to patch up their relationship with their aunt for their own monetary gain.

They're not alone though, other members of their family have the same idea. Cousins Beatrice and Richard also show up to try and swindle their aunt out of her fortune and the film details the family as they battle to impress Aunt Hilda and take her fortune with them when she passes away. Signature Films and Capstone Studios are financing the picture with Marc Goldberg and Sarah Gabriel producing alongside Sarah Jessica Parker and Alison Benson for their Pretty Matches Production banner. David Haring and Capstone Global’s Christian Mercuri will executive produce.

Having both Duchovny and Livingston added to this already stacked cast is a testament to the project and how funny it is gearing up to be. Many know Livingston for his comedy work in movies like Office Space as well as the hit comedy Search Party. For Duchovny, fans may know him from The X-Files, but he has been working in comedy for years and even has an upcoming movie from Judd Apatow called The Bubble on his roster. Adding them to a cast with performers like Collette and Faris, and it is definitely going to be a movie jam-packed with comedy powerhouses.

The Estate is going to get into the struggle for money through a comedic lens, and it is going to be interesting to see how they tackle it. But with a cast like this? We're in for one wild ride to wealth.

source: collider

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