Saturday, February 15

David Duchovny sold his new book Truly Like Lightning!

Good for David!

Duchovny’s ‘Lightning’ Strikes FSG

Actor, director, and author David Duchovny sold a novel titled Truly Like Lightning to Jonathan Galassi at Farrar, Strauss and Giroux. The book, which agent Andrew Blauner sold world rights to, is, FSG said, “an epic story about America, religion, family, sex, pop culture, the ’60s, education, environmentalism, greed, murder, love, and blood atonement set in a Mormon enclave in the outskirts of Los Angeles.” Duchovny, in a release, added that the novel follows “a charismatic former Hollywood stuntman turned Mormon homesteader, Joseph Smith Mulholland Bronson, who lives with his five ‘sister wives’ and 12 children on a sprawling ranch that abuts the famous Joshua Tree National Park.” Duchovny is the author of three previous novels: Bucky F*cking Dent, Holy Cow, and Miss Subways.

source: pw

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