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David Duchovny celebrates Scottish heritage at Christmas

Thursday, December 27

DAVID Duchovny celebrated his Scottish roots this Christmas by kilting up for the big day.

The Golden Globe winner, known for his role as FBI agent Fox Mulder in The X-Files, was in Barbados for Christmas. But he didn’t let the 29C heat get in the way of a national dress typically worn in a more modest temperature.

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The actor posted the picture on his Twitter feed, with a simple “happy holidays” message.

Duchovny’s mother, Meg, comes from Whitehills in Aberdeenshire, and though he’s not been back to the home country often, it’s not the first time he’s worn a kilt in the family’s MacFarlane tartan.

The star wore the dress when was in Edinburgh for the premiere of his romantic comedy, Return To Me, back in 2000.

Duchovny reportedly refers to himself as a “macaroon,” because his mother is Scottish and his father was Jewish.

According to the Mail Online, Duchovny was on holiday in Barbados with his children — 19-year-old daughter Madelaine and 16-year-old son Kyd — whom he raises with his ex-wife Tea Leoni.

He recently announced plans for a European tour for February 2019, off the back of his new rock album, Every Third Thought.

There is no Scottish date scheduled at the moment, with Duchovny playing only Manchester and London during his stop in the UK.

source: nationalscot

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