Tuesday, April 18

WATCH: David Duchovny Describes His Brief Stint As an Underwear Model - April 2017

David Duchovny has worn many hats throughout his long career: actor, writer, musician, alien hunter. But on Live, he told host Kelly Ripa and guest host Morris Chestnut about a brief stint as a model when he was in college. Duchovny claims the only job he ever got was modeling shoes, but he had a chance to be a Calvin Klein underwear model, auditioning for famed photographer Bruce Weber.

“There was thirty of us guys in our underwear somewhere in hell,” Duchovny said. He added, “I just remember him saying, ’Stop making so many faces.’” Duchovny went on to explain that he and the other male models were all stretching, or at least they were supposed to look like they were stretching, but he was the only one actually stretching, and his face showed it. “You know. I’m doing my stretch face,” Duchovny said. “I looked like I was passing wind. I’m sorry.” Turns out there may be a good explanation why Duchovny didn’t get the job.

from minute 0:22:30 to 0:28:15 

source: tumblr

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