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Hank Moody Bracelet in Californication

Friday, April 21

One of the most distinctive accesories in Hank's outfit are his wrist bands. He usually wears a black sometimes brown braiden bracelt accopained by another black leather bracelet.

The Hank Moody braided bracelet is available in black and brown: Flongo Men's Womens Braided Leather Rope Woven Wrap Surfer Cuff Bracelet

In addition, there are many variations of braided bracelets in black and brown. I have only selected the ones with more resemblance to the original. 

Finally, the second accessory Hank Moody wears on his wrist. It's a Punk rock style biker wide strap black leather bracelet with silver embellishments.

Hank Moody leather bracelet
Hank Moody bracelet



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