Saturday, May 7

"When The Time Comes" Song Lyrics Written by David Duchovny

Song: "When the Time Comes"
Written by: David Duchovny
Album: Hell or Highwater

When the time comes
all I have done
all that is and all that was
all I’ve torn and mourned, destroyed, and undone
will be seen as one
we will be as one
when the time comes 

I know why my caged bird sings
he's blaming others for cagey things
the devil you know and the angel in the wings
are revealed as one
it's always just begun
when the time comes

The future runs up ahead of me
holding hands with my sometime enemy
the present cannot keep its shit together
it's only the past that lasts forever

We will see that we have seen
our kingdom come and gone
when the time comes

Jack and Jill ran out on their bill
when Jack fell down, he found his crown
when Jill came tumbling after
that’s when they died of laughter
we recall all rhymes and songs
the exiled shall again belong
we will see that what we seek
was in sight all along
when the time comes
when the time comes
when the time comes

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