Friday, August 28

Hell or Highwater: 'The Rain Song' by David Duchovny

"The Rain Song"

Written by: David Duchovny
Album: Hell or Highwater

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People just keep moving around
Trying to find a place in the sun
Laying their towels, and their troubles down

When you feel like the day is too long
Know where to hide, know where you belong
Put your hand out, feel the heavens come down to you

Love is all you need, that’s what the book of John taught you
But you want to see clouds above
I know that better than anyone
Because my darling it’s the rain you love
It’ll always be raining in this song

Years from now when you’re old and gray
Stories of your beauty just empty heresay
The way I look at you will make you young again

These humble chords will gather clouds above
My words will seed those clouds with love
Our memories will bring sweetness around the pain
A fistful of love and a box of rain

Baby, baby now it won’t be long
If you’re feeling down and put upon
Nothing this strong could ever be wrong
It’s always raining in this song

Now, baby, I’m not a meteorologist, 
or an armchair astrologist
but I don’t need no weatherman to tell me where to take a stand

Baby, baby, as the heavens descend 
You and I will say 'Amen'
‘cause all cold front will move along

Baby, baby, as the heavens descend
You and I will make amends 
Meet me back here where you belong

It’s always raining, it’s always raining, it’s always raining in this song



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