Wednesday, June 10

"Lately It's Always December" Song Lyrics by David Duchovny

Song Title: Lately It's Always December
Written by: David Duchovny
Album: Hell or Highwater


Cowgirl gaze and a sailor's mouth
Legs for days and a home down south
You had the answers no matter they were wrong
You had that come hither, go away, but don’t be gone too long
Gypsy ways and the sideway smile
You bet on forever but got dealt just a while
Slept with your boots on, how I miss that sound
Not even yours now, how the hell could you be mine?
But maybe you can remember
Baby, you can dream
Lately things have been better
It only hurts when I breathe
And if I close my eyes I see whatever I want to see

Don’t know who to talk to
Don’t know what hand to hold
Don’t know who to hang up on 
Or how to keep the fool from fool’s gold

There’s a key that we lost, through the door in the floor
There’s a line that’s been crossed, that says no, hell no, no more
Cold blue stares and all this back and forth
It’s raining in the east and it’s frozen up north
The sun sinks west past the dark side of the moon
The streets are all iced over and our love lays in ruin

But maybe it hurts to remember
Baby, it hurts not to dream
It hurts when you turn out the lights at night and see what I want you to see
If you close your eyes forever 
Can’t you see what you want to see?

Maybe you get the feeling 
That things aren’t quite as they seem
It hurts when you close your eyes at night
It hurts when you sleep and dream
Lately it’s always December 
And things are as bad as they seem
It hurts all the time 
Cause it’s only you, only you that I dream



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