Thursday, April 16

'Hell or Highwater' BTS David Duchovny Photoshoot - April 16, 2015

David Duchovny is doing a photoshoot for his music album 'Hell or Highwater'. Here is a small report:

"Had a pretty rad shoot with this guy today, had to nerd out a bit and take this photo at the end of the shoot. Lots of Spinal Tap talk on set... And some Swedish Death metal talk too. I was a bit nervous before the shoot, but I think @crispypolinsky said it best "why are you nervous, shooting Duchovny is like photographing a sunset". It was a lot of fun, he was super cool and down to earth. His band was really cool too and from what I heard of the record so far was pretty good! Fun day! Thanks @crispypolinsky @sgoggi @toomuchtoofast" 

source: instagram

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