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WATCH: Californication Episode 7x04 'Dicks' (Spoilers)

Sunday, April 27

Written by: Tom Kapinos
Directed by: David Von Ancken

Guest Stars: Michael Imperioli, Oliver Cooper, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Jonathan Kasdan and Heather Graham. Co-Stars: Tara Holt, Armando Molina

Hank, Levon and Julia (Heather Graham) celebrate Julia’s new role. Levon hopes for some alone time with Melanie (Tara Holt), but three’s a crowd with The Director (Jonathan Kasdan) in the way. Money troubles add to Charlie and Marcy’s marital unrest, but new client Goldie (Mary Lynn Rajskub) may put Charlie back in the black.


Californication Season 7: Next on Episode 4 (Californication 7x04)  

Californication Season 7: Episode 4 Clip - A Hit of Pure Sunshine 
Hank's boss asks if he can hire Julia

Californication Season 7: Episode 4 Clip - Get a Room 
Hank, Levon and Julia celebrate Julia's new acting gig.

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