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SPOILERS: Michael Imperioli reveals his character on Californication 7

Monday, September 16

Michael Imperioli talked about being David Duchovny’s boss on the seventh and final Season of Californication. Imperioli will portray Rick Rath, a successful old-school television producer who will play a key role in Hank’s latest venture. 
"I play a former NYPD. He - my character - goes to Los Angeles to write a police series and becomes a producer.”
Michael Imperioli and Heather Graham 

"He is a little frustrated, and explosive. He hires Duchovny's character [Hank Moody] to write the series. That is the dynamic you will see in the upcoming season," says Michael Imperioli in an exclusive interview for Mexico. 

Imperioli, who's also playing a big part in the movie 'Cantinflas', is mostly know for his role on The Sopranos. "After The Sopranos, I made several characters, a plastic artist, a physician, it's something that I do to avoid falling into stereotypes."
"I've been offered similar parts to The Sorpranos, and because they are not that good, I preferred not to take them", says the 47 year-old New Yorker.

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