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Californication Spoilers Season 7: David Duchovny on the last day of filming

Friday, September 6

SPOILER: David Duchovny during the last day of filming the new Season of Californication on July 30, 2013. Additionally, Heather Graham and Michael Imperioli were spotted filming a scene in Santa Monica for Californication on July 29, 2013

UPDATE: NEW PHOTOS of Hank Moody (David Duchovny) and Karen (Nastascha McElhone)

Update: Heather Graham, David Duchovny and Oliver Cooper on the last day of filming. 

Finished the last episode of #californication season 7 and the last episode of Californication ever. It was fun!

Californication wrapped its final season. The new and 7th season is unofficially considered to be the last! 
Tom Kapinos, the creator of the show posted this picture on instagram (see below). A plane and what is known to be Hank Moody’s Porsche. Would this be the last scene of the show? Even though Showtime has not made yet an official announcement about the end of the show, several members from the Californication cast and crew have already said good bye. 

We’ll keep you posted with more news!

  Tom Kapinos and David Duchovny.

Update: July 29, 2013. JayHeez "They were filming at The Lobster at Santa Monica Pier, she [Heather Graham] was pulling up/leaving in a red Beetle. Saw her making out with a guy with long gray hair [Michael Imperioli] but he did not look familiar so I assume he is a new character as well. Love this show, Cant wait to see what happens."

It's a wrap:

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