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Video: Heather Graham Reveals Her Character on Californication 7

Sunday, May 19

Heather Graham reveals her character on Californication Season 7 while promoting her new projects.

UPDATED MAY 19, 2013: In addition, Graham will join the cast of the Showtime series Californication for its upcoming seventh season. Asked to briefly describe her role in each, Graham obliged:
Californication: “That’s going to be a running arc over the course of the entire season. I play a character who hooked up with David Duchovny’s character, Hank, a long time ago, had his kid [Oliver Cooper] and never told him. Now the kid seeks Hank out and wants to bond.” 

MAY 1, 2013: Video from NBCBuzz:

APRIL22, 2013: Collider: what are you working on next?
Graham: I’m going to be on Californication. David Duchovny has this child he doesn’t know about. Basically, I have his child. This child wants to reconnect with him out of the blue, and we never told him that he had a child. 

That sounds like something that he’d get himself into.
Graham: It’s amazing that that does happen. I have a friend and that just happened to her.

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