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Californication: The talented Mr Minchin

Saturday, May 18

A nice article about Tim Minchin who played Atticus Fetch on Californication Season 6. 

...Minchin clearly hates to boast, unless it is on stage to comic effect, but others love to do it for him, such as Californication star David Duchovny.

''I love working with Tim,'' Duchovny says. ''He's a high-energy dude. I'm very much an admirer of how he has rolled all his many talents into one kind of definition - just the unique position that he inhabits as an entertainer, which is, I guess, a political satirist-singer-entertainer-comedian. There really aren't a lot of people like that. It's a cool hybrid that he is. And he's got a comedic soul.''

Duchovny bases his appraisal on the season Minchin spent as his co-star on Californication playing Atticus Fetch, a cocaine-fuelled rock star writing a musical with Duchovny's Hank. Atticus is introduced aboard his private jet, dubbed ''Air Force 69'', naked and receiving a massage complete with happy ending. It's a scene that could make a seasoned actor blush. But ''that sort of shit doesn't worry me'', Minchin says.

''I felt if I couldn't play that character, I couldn't do anything,'' he says of his first major television role. ''When I got on set I was really nervous in a way, but when you've done comedy in front of 10,000 people, there's not really a lot of fear left to have, I don't think.''

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