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Clips & Photos: David Duchovny: Q+A at Adelphi University. #PhantomTheMovie

Wednesday, March 6

Adelphi University Performing Arts Center: Q + A session with Todd Robinson and special guest David Duchovny in Garden City, NY. March 6, 2013.

Adelphi University: Did you know that Golden Globe winner, David Duchovny was on campus last night? He and filmmaker Todd Robinson '82 gave a Q + A session after an exclusive screening of the new thriller Phantom!

A student asks David Duchovny what it was like to film in a submarine.

David Duchovny speaks about his newest film, Phantom, and what failure means in terms of learning from mistakes.

David Duchovny speaks about finding ways to transition emotions within the same scene.

David Duchovny, Adelphi alumnus Todd Robinson, and Theatre Chair Nicholas Petron at the exclusive Phantom Screening at the Adelphi Performing Arts Center.


Credit: Desiree/XJamesWeippertX

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