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David Duchovny: I think season 7 is the last one #Californication #spoilers

Friday, March 22

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Sp!tz: Season six of Californication is almost over, but fortunately season seven is already ordered. However, fans of Hank Moody will go through a withdrawal process because according to David Duchovny, the end of the series is in sight. "I think season seven is the last one."

Californication is now in season 6 and season 7 is coming. How long can the show go on?
"I think next season is the last one. Yes, I really do. I had that feeling in season 6, but now it's stronger. Look, you never know with cable because it's annoying that only a new season is ordered after the last one premiered on TV. If the results are bad, it stops. So you can never ascribe to an end, because it can always continue. "

How should it end?
"Hank and, his ex, Karen together for good. This love story between the two is the heart of the show. Once there was the idea of ​​the show to end with the death of Hank, because as I said earlier, someone who drinks and smokes so much simply cannot live long. But I think Hank has become so important to kill him (laughs)”

Many men find Hank Moody a hero and they even wear T-shirts with that message. What do you think of that?
“I find Hank to be far too complicated to be a hero. He has many women, drinks a lot, drives a nice car and I also understand that for many people is something to be envied, but somehow he is also very sad and lonely. But if you ask me why he is a hero, it’s the way he always survives and tries to do it right. But I do not want to convey any message at all. I see Californication as a comedy. "

After six seasons what makes still fun to play Hank?
"As an actor, I have always been interested in comedy. I like to find out what is funny and how I can make something fun. Each series has basically the same principles: you bring a person into a situation where he is doing other things than he should. How the person deals with them, determines whether is comedy or drama. It's fun to play with. "

Did you get immediately the right tone for this series?
"No, and I'm still looking again in each episode. The fun at the beginning of this series was that it was something totally different than what people knew. More mature and explicit content. That attracted me. Comedy may be absurd, and is also very unrealistic. Look, anyone who drinks as much as Hank would actually be dead. You try to make it believable. Be careful to do not go too far. This can break the show. You need as an actor the right balance between what it is and what it is not. "

Do you have some influence on the script?
"No. Not at all. Tom Kapinos writes the scripts and he does it very well. Sometimes I change something small.  What happens with Hank from season to season is totally his thing. "

Each season Hank finds himself as a writer in another setting, this season in the musical world. What would you like for season seven?
"In fact, Tom has already told me. Wait, what was it? Oh yeah! I think next season Hank is back in Hollywood and he goes for television writing. This is for Tom of course very nice because he could not be closer to this subject. He knows a lot about Hollywood."

Thanks Laurie for translating.


  1. I am an Aussie fan of the show and am glad to see that there is still one more season to wrap things up, as it has become one of my favourite shows of all time and it will be bittersweet to see it go.

    I will say however after just watching all of season 6, I will miss Faith (Maggie Grace) a lot! She was my favourite character to date (apart from Hank of course) as she was witty, intelligent, spiritual, genuine, funny, sexy, drop dead gorgeous and the best thing that ever happened to Hank!

    She helped him to settle down and be the guy he should be and it's a shame that they couldn't stay together, but I understand the "love story" between Hank and Karen. It just would have been nice to see her in season 7. If I was Hank, I wouldn't have left Faith, but that's just me. (Thank you Maggie! xx)

  2. It would really sadden me to see the show end. If it were up to me, I would keep the show going until season 20 or more. That's how great Californication is.

  3. Should the show end...? Yes, this show should end. Not because I want it to end, but because it needs to end. Every "love story" needs an ending, we are just waiting for it. I have re-watched each and every episode three times or more and every character came into its' own throughout the series. Almost every character had an ending... Mia not so much. What happened to her after the trial? That is just one example of a character. With Hank and Karen... they brought back the story-line with Lou Ashby in the six season and with all the characters through out the series, Ashby and Hank are the closest. They ended Ashby with him going for it and they girl waiting... will Kapinos do the same thing with Hank? I hope not, after watching for years I want Hank and Karen together and even Becka to find her way "back home" to live happily ever after. Will this be the case, I don't know? All in all, this show and story-line (in my opinion) has been in the top ten of all the shows. David Duchovny, I salute you with what you have done with the character of Hank Moody. Through and through, I believe no one else would have done the job that you did. To bring a character to life like you did was and is awesome. What do I know? I am just a guy who watches the show... a fan if you will.

  4. I hope someone at Showtime is reading this... The only reason I'm still paying for Showtime is because of Californication and Shameless. Of the two, I like Californication more. Once they are gone, so will I be. The other series shows they have on now are not interesting to me...

  5. I'd like Tom Kapinos to give Hank Moody back some of his essential dignity in what has surely got to be the show's final season.

    Seasons 6 and 7(Atticus Fetch WTF!) have turned Hank into a degenerate bum. Along with that, Californication just keeps recycling the same themes, plotlines etc and I find myself not caring about these characters anymore.

    I also currently don't much care if Hank and Karen get back together because we've been there and seen it all before. As a fan all the way through though, I DO HOPE that the final season of Californication takes Hank back to his rock star author roots and makes me again give a damn about him and his turbulent little family. A bit more fidelity to the essential Hank and a binning of the cartoonish sex and debuachery of season 7 would be greatly appreciated.