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Californication Stills & Clips: Episode 6x04 "Hell Bent for Leather" [Spoilers]

Thursday, January 31

Air date: February 10, 2013
Director: David Von Ancken
Writers: Tom Kapinos

Guest Stars: Jason Beghe, Allison McAtee, Johann Urb, Alissa Dean, Maggie Wheeler   Co-Stars: Chasty Ballesteros, P.J. King
Becca proves she inherited some of Hank's best qualities.

VIDEO PROMO EPISODE 6X04 "Hell Bent For Leather": 

Hank (DAVID DUCHOVNY) and Charlie (EVAN HANDLER) meet with Robbie Mac (JOHANN URB), but the project on the table is a little out of even Hank Moody’s wheelhouse. Hank the reconnects with his God Hates Us All executive, Ali Andrews (ALLISON MCATEE). Marcy (PAMELA ADLON), Ophelia (MAGGIE WHEELER) and Karen (NATASCHA MCELHONE) commiserate over dinner. Becca (MADELEINE MARTIN) demonstrates that she inherited the best parts of her father during a reading of her latest work.

Allison McAtee as Ali in Californication

Maggie Wheeler as Ophelia in Californication

The Menemy: Marcy, Ophelia and Karen commiserate over dinner.

A Huge Fan: Hank and Charlie prepare to meet with "God Hates Us All" executive, Ali Andrews.


Johan Urb as Robbie Mac in Californication

Jason Beghe as Richard Bates

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