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David Duchovny mulls over why he likes waking up with a woman: “My favorite moment is staying in bed and watching her walk naked to the bathroom,” he says. “I mean my wife!”

Of course, he’s talking about Tea Leoni, and together they are one of Hollywood’s sexiest couples. Just being away from Leoni for a few days to talk about his new film “Trust the Man” in New York City gives Duchovny a serious case of homesickness.

“But I do love the fact that I made a romantic comedy where I play Julianne Moore’s husband,” says Duchovny, who actually plays Moore’s cheating hubby in the Big Apple comedy, which opens this weekend, and also stars Maggie Gyllenhaal and Billy Crudup.Kissing Moore on screen?

Weird because her husband directed the film. Thank God it wasn’t a full out, groping love scene because after he said cut he could have kicked my a–,” Duchovny laments.

Oh, what does he think of Tea making out with others on screen?

“Oh, that’s just wrong,” he says. “Now, I want to kick someone else’s a–!”

I’m a good guy who takes a wrong turn. I have this affair on her, which I know is terrible.

Don’t blame me. Blame the script.

I actually go to a sex addicts meeting. I tell the people I can’t have sex unless I’m wrapped in deli meats.

Let’s set the record straight … I haven’t been to one of those in real life. My character has one affair and thinks he’s a sex addict. There are people talking about power tools.

I’ve been Mr. Mom for Tea. As an actor, you have times when you’re away from home and your family more than any father should be, and then you’re with your family more than any father should be.

I do like picking the kids up better than dropping them off.

What’s fun about picking them up is when you see the kids before they see you. You see them as people out in the world interacting as full human beings. I look at my daughter socializing and think, “She’s a little person over there! And she’s laughing about something! I wonder what they’re laughing about.”

Tea and I just love being together. That’s why we’re going to do a film together that I’ll produce and she will star in called “Fun Lady.” It’s about a woman who is 40 with three kids and no high school diploma. She has to make ends meet after her husband leaves her. She tries to sell Mary Kay and gets muscled out by the Mary Kay mafia.

By mistake, she orders marital aides. She gets these. uh, things in the mail. Having spent her last dollar, she has to sell them. It’s based on an actual fun lady. She’s the best seller of door to door you-know-what’s in the country.

We live in Malibu. There are a lot of paparazzi there. Tea gets very uptight. I don’t care. Whatever. For her it’s really an invasion.

So the other day … my son is in the backseat and he goes, “Daddy, do you know what those people are called who take your picture when you don’t want them to?” I said, “What do you call them?” He said, “A–holes!”

I said, ‘Oh really.’ I didn’t want to laugh in front of him.

We do think of moving away from California because of the celebrity culture. We want to move away from the celebrity of other people, not our celebrity. It’s not going to go away unless we go away.

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