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David Duchovny after his concert at O2 ABC in Glasgow, UK - May 5, 2016

Saturday, May 7

David Duchovny greets fans after his concert at O2 ABC in Glasgow, United Kingdom - May 5, 2016

David Duchovny out and about in Glasgow - May 5, 2016

"Positively Madison Avenue" Song Lyrics Written by David Duchovny

Song: "Positively Madison Avenue"
Written by: David Duchovny
Album: Hell or Highwater

Jokerman takes off his mask
reveals a car salesman at last
says, "grow up son, you know it's just a masquerade
now be a good boy and get me and the boss a gatorade
you can work up quite a thirst
watching all them bubbles burst.”

"When The Time Comes" Song Lyrics Written by David Duchovny

Song: "When the Time Comes"
Written by: David Duchovny
Album: Hell or Highwater

When the time comes
all I have done
all that is and all that was
all I’ve torn and mourned, destroyed, and undone
will be seen as one
we will be as one
when the time comes 

I know why my caged bird sings
he's blaming others for cagey things
the devil you know and the angel in the wings
are revealed as one
it's always just begun
when the time comes

The future runs up ahead of me
holding hands with my sometime enemy
the present cannot keep its shit together
it's only the past that lasts forever

We will see that we have seen
our kingdom come and gone
when the time comes

Jack and Jill ran out on their bill
when Jack fell down, he found his crown
when Jill came tumbling after
that’s when they died of laughter
we recall all rhymes and songs
the exiled shall again belong
we will see that what we seek
was in sight all along
when the time comes
when the time comes
when the time comes

"Another Year" Song Lyrics Written by David Duchovny

Song: "Another Year"
Written by: David Duchovny
Album: Hell or Highwater

Another year has come and gone, another chance to right a wrong
another year has come and gone, lost another chance to rewrite the song
another home, some other love, another god set high above
some other lie we tell ourselves to pass the time before the bell

'Unsaid Undone' Song Lyrics by David Duchovny

Song: "Unsaid Undone"
Written by: David Duchovny
Album: Hell or Highwater

If you knew me you would stay
if you knew me you would walk away
we don't get black and white
ours is only shadow light

Brain Magazine Interview: 'David Duchovny - When Mulder becomes a singer'

Friday, May 6

David Duchovny is taking his music to France, nobody saw it coming. However, the interpreter of the cult character Fox Mulder (and much less worshipped Dr. Marris in The Secret) will play with his band at La Cigale on May 12th in Paris. At 55, the star of the small screen will perform his first album, Hell or Highwater.

By: Louis Eustache

X Files star David Duchovny visits Glasgow restaurant - May 4, 2016

Thursday, May 5

David Duchovny got juiced up before his gig at Glasgow's O2 ABC tonight - with a trip to a local health food restaurant. The X Files and Twin Peaks star only has a couple of dates in the UK and was keen to enjoy some of the delights of the city ahead of his concert.


Tuesday, May 3

Californication, electric cars and the leap into music

THE TRUTH is out there — and it’s electric, according to David Duchovny. The 55-year-old actor insists we will soon stop burning petrochemicals and run battery-powered cars instead. The world will be a cleaner and healthier place, he says. It’s certainly a contrast to the dark vision of the future portrayed in The X-Files, the television series that made him famous.

Duchovny’s preferred mode of transport is a Ford C-Max hybrid, which he drives partly because it does not attract attention but mainly because in it he can cruise around his home town of New York on battery power alone.

David Duchovny goes to see "Streetcar" starring Gillian Anderson - April 30, 2016

Sunday, May 1

David Duchovny went to see "A Streetcar Named Desire" featuring Gillian Anderson at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn April, 30, 2016.

Forward: Enter David Duchovny’s (Half) Jewish New York, Through His New Novel - April 2016

For both David Duchovny and the protagonist of his latest novel, “Bucky F*cking Dent” (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) literary talent runs in the family. The “X-Files” actor and late-blooming musician is the descendant of several generations New York writers. The son of a Jewish father and a Scottish mother, he grew up in the East Village.

When I sat down with him at Barnes & Noble before a reading he gave last week, I asked, “What’s the most Jewish thing about you?”

“My sense of humor,” he said, without missing a beat.

Mr. Duchovny’s on-screen comic chops are well-known, from his early appearances on the late Garry Shandling’s “Larry Sander’s Show” to his starring roll in “Californication.” But his incisive wit really shines on the page, where he paints scenes so hilarious they might make you spit out your coffee.
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