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Belfast Telegraph: David Duchovny: I'll never have another success like The X-Files - Nov 2015

Saturday, November 21

David Duchovny has said he will not have another television success like The X-Files.
The award-winning actor remains best-known for his role as FBI Agent Fox Mulder in the sci-fi/horror drama, alongside Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully. "It's fantastic to be part of it," he said.
"At first it's a little frightening and feels like a strait-jacket. But as time goes on, you just learn to be grateful."

Duchovny used Adele's album 21 to explain his X-Files achievement.

[Interview] Rain in Hell: A Conversation with David Duchovny

Sunday, November 1

David Duchovny is what you might call a modern-day Renaissance Man. Throughout his career as an actor, he’s starred in two of the biggest television series of the last two decades, creating two cult characters worthy of icon status. He’s stepped behind the camera to direct and behind the scenes to produce. He even wrote a few episodes of The X-Files, the hit television show he starred in from 1993-2002 (which is making a triumphant return next January on Fox). In the same vein, he man with a masters in English Lit published his first novel Holy Cow back in February. With a seemingly incessant need to be creative, Duchovny picked up a guitar and dove head-first into the realm of rock ‘n’ roll. After much fiddling on his guitar and penning lyrics onto paper, the end result was his debut alt-rock album Hell or Highwater, a melodic and moody (pun intended) outing that captures melancholy at its best. Just before David wrapped up a brief tour with back to back shows in New York and Philadelphia, he spoke exclusively with The Rock Revival about his music, touring, and what’s next for the Renaissance Man. 

Going back to the beginning, how did this project come to fruition? Was it in the works for a long time or was there a sudden lightbulb moment where you said, “You know what?” I’m going to make an album.”
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