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Washington Times: Duchovny brings debut songs to Howard Theatre, talks of ‘X-Files’ spring resurgence

Wednesday, October 28

The truth may still be out there, but David Duchovny has effectively turned the lens inward. After two decades in the TV and film spotlights, Mr. Duchovny has just released his first rock album, appropriately titled “Hell or Highwater.”

“I’d never really played any music before five years ago, so it was something where I took up the guitar pretty damn late in life just to kind of amuse myself,” Mr. Duchovny told The Washington Times, adding that he wrote the tracks on “Hell or Highwater” with “the best intentions.”

Mr. Duchovny learned to play under the tutelage of Los Angeles-based guitarist Carlos Calvo, who was the official guitar coach on “Californication.” Mr. Duchovny subsequently hired Mr. Calvo to coach him privately — even taking his teacher along to his new show, “Aquarius,” and insisting his character have it written in that he was a guitarist.

Village Voice: Does David Duchovny Really Want to Be a Rock Star? [Interview] - Oct 27, 2015

David Duchovny before his show at Webster Hall's Marlin Room, October 27, 2015

There are others, notably: Billy Bob Thornton, Kevin Bacon, and, well, David Hasselhoff. Thankfully, David Duchovny — beloved as The X Files' studly special agent Fox Mulder, reviled and worshipped as the Bukowski-esque Hank Moody on Californication — has no illusions about how he became an actor-turned-singer who played to swooning women in Webster Hall’s Marlin Room last night.

Couch Sessions: David Duchovny how he ended up making a rock album - Oct 21, 2015

David Duchovny talks about how he ended up making a rock album, creativity (or the lack thereof) in Hollywood, and the fact that he REALLY wants to tell you about the X-Files revival, but he would have to kill you if he did.

I’ve always been a fan of David Duchovny. His sullen, dark, cool guy persona always seemed realer, more relatable than the usual pretty boy carbon copies that Hollywood is famous for. It also didn’t hurt that he was the star of one of my favorite shows, the classic X-Files series.

2015 has been a big year for David Duchovny. Best known for his performances as Special Agent Fox Mulder on the X-Files, and Hank Moody on Californication, this year, Duchovny has put out the New York Times bestseller Holy Cow: A Modern Day Dairy Tale, stars in the upcoming six-episode revival of The X-Files, returned to network TV with the NBC series Aquarius and released the alt-rock album, Hell or Highwater. (cue record scratching) Wait, what?

AXS: David Duchovny talks debut album & upcoming tour - October 18, 2015

Over the course of his career, David Duchovny has been an award-winning actor, filmmaker, director and published author. But this past May, the man who's name is synonymous with shows like “X-Files”, “Californication,” and “Aquarius” introduced himself to the music world with a hauntingly surreal debut album, Hell or Highwater.

Released to rave reviews, the twelve-song, alt/rock album represents Duchovny's truest form of expression. And although the actor turned musical artist will be quick to tell you that he has no intention of ever being on the same level as his musical heroes, he still succeeds by releasing an honest album of reflection that’s a welcome treat in a world filled with mundane, techno-beat pablum.

In addition to gearing up for another season of filming his hit NBC show, “Aquarius”, as well as a new, six-episode revival of “X-Files”, Duchovny is about to embark on another round of East Coast concert dates. A tour which includes a stop at The Ardmore Music Hall in Ardmore, Pennsylvania on Wednesday, Oct. 28.

AXS recently spoke with David Duchovny about Hell or Highwater and his upcoming tour in this exclusive interview.

"Mo" by David Duchovny


Mo or More is new song written by David Duchovny

CBR Interview: David Duchovny Still Believe in ‘The X-Files’ - October 2015

Friday, October 23

It sounded like you drove this project, like you called Chris [Carter] and said, “I want to do this.” Tell us about this.
David Duchovny: That’s not true, though. He’s joking. He’s very deadpan. How did it happen? We’ve always talked about it. The three of us [himself, Carter and Anderson] talked occasionally about doing more. We did the movie in 2008, I think it was. And then there didn’t seem to be any appetite from Fox for another movie. I assumed it was dead. People talked about doing more on television, and I’d say of course not, because I thought of television as 22 episodes, 25 episodes. I’ll never do that again. I’ll never do that again. So, I assumed it was dead. And then with the ascendance of cable and the new model of the cable season and the limited season run, and networks catching on to that idea…it became obvious to Chris and I that maybe we can do it on television. Maybe this is actually a really good format for telling a 10-hour story, an eight-hour story, a six-hour story.

THR: 'The X-Files': Chris Carter on the Franchise's Future - Oct 2015

"I jumped at the idea when I found out the actors were interested," Carter tells THR. "I can tell you the idea of a reboot wasn't the way I wanted to go. I didn't want to come back to do a victory lap, to do sequels, or anything like that. I wanted fresh, new material and that's what we've done."

It's been a whirlwind year for The X-Files creator Chris Carter. 

Fox first announced its hopes to revive the groundbreaking series during its winter TCA session; the order was official by March. Because of stars David Duchovny (Mulder) and Gillian Anderson's (Scully) busy schedules and other commitments, the series started filming only a few months later. ‎And about six weeks after production wrapped, the team premiered the first hour with splashy — and high-stakes — debuts at MIPCOM and New York Comic Con.

Photos: David Duchovny at NY Women's Foundation Gala - October 15, 2015

Friday, October 16

David Duchovny, Carolyn Rossip Malcolm, Hoda Kotb and Matt Warshaw (right to left) at The New York Women’s Foundation’s Annual Fall Gala. The Plaza Hotel, NYC. October 15, 2015

X-Files: Colorful Portraits of 2015 New York Comic Con

Wednesday, October 14

Portraits of David Duchovny, Chris Carter and Mitch Pileggi during NYCC. October 10, 2015 *To see them bigger open each image in a new window*

Video FOX11: David Duchovny: New 'X-Files' perfect for paranoid society

FOX411 goes to New York Comic Con. David Duchovny reveals that an 'X-Files' reboot is perfect in today's 'paranoid' society. Oct 10, 2015

WATCH IGN Interview: David Duchovny: "He appears to be diagnosed depressive by his wife" (another video!)

Monday, October 12

IGN: It seems like Mulder is maybe a little down on his luck when we first meet up with him. Would you agree?
David: Yeah. He appears to be diagnosed depressive by his wife!
IGN: [Laughs] Are we gonna get into the background of what happended between Mulder and Scully?
David: I don't think so. I think that's for other shows. Our show is about action, it's about mystery, it's about wonder, it's not about she said he said. So it's important people like the relationship. The relationship plays a part...

Watch video below

Video: David Duchovny: "Mulder is diagnosed depressive by his wife Dr Scully"

The Truth is Out There...and it’s also at New York Comic Con!

On Saturday, October 10, the U.S. premiere of The X-Files six-episode revival took place in front of a packed audience that got to be among the very first to see the entire premiere episode. And the revival quickly puts forth an alternate explanation for the events of the previous nine seasons of The X-Files!

The X-Files debuted on Fox in 1993 and quickly made stars out of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as they portrayed FBI agents Fox Mulder and his partner, Dana Scully. The X-Files ran for nine seasons and two feature films before going dormant. And for the revival, nearly every major character will be back in some capacity!

X-Files Revival: An Extra Hour Is Out There — Scoop on Episode 7

X-Files fans would’ve been in seventh heaven.

Fox’s upcoming six-episode revival was this close to adding a seventh hour, series creator Chris Carter confirms to TVLine.

“It was almost about to happen,” he says. “We were planning for it. The script was written. I even called people to find out if they were available to direct, and it just didn’t happen.”

Photos: David Duchovny during interviews at NYCC - Oct 10, 2015

Saturday, October 10

David Duchovny at Javis Center after the X-Files Panel in NYCC. October 10, 2015.

HR: 'X-Files' Revival: Cast, Creator on Making a "Statement" With Premiere, Being Newbie Friendly - October 10, 2015

Series creator Chris Carter and returning original stars David Duchovny and Mitch Pileggi were on hand as 'The X-Files' revival made its US debut.

Less than a week after Fox premiered the first hour of the upcoming The X-Files revival at MIPCOM, the show made its US debut — in front of fans — at New York Comic Con.

"It makes me very nervous," series creator Chris Carter said of his pre-screening emotions. "I wonder how they're reacting to it, how they're enjoying it."

WATCH FULL - NYCC X-Files Panel: David Duchovny, Chris Carter and Mitch Pileggi

David Duchovny, Chris Carter, Mitch Pileggi at the New York Comic Con Panel in New York City. October 10, 2015 *Watch Video Below*

IGN: The X-Files Revival Season Is Half Mythology, Half Standalone Episodes - October 10, 2015

The X-Files made its triumphant return at New York Comic Con on Saturday, October 10th. FOX screened the first episode in the much anticipated revival series before a Q&A session moderated by comedian and The X-Files Files podcaster Kumail Nanjiani and attended by David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi and showrunner Chris Carter. (Gillian Anderson recorded a video message apologizing for not being able to attend.)

IGN will have a full breakdown of the episode coming soon, but there were plenty of talking points to come out of the Q&A as well. Carter explained how the six-episode season will be structured, saying, “We start with a [two-part] mythology episode and then we’re going to do standalone episodes for the next four. And then we bookend it with mythology episodes at the end of the season too.”

New Interview: Backstage Pass: David Duchovny

Thursday, October 8

ORANGE, VA (NEWSPLEX) -- When you think of David Duchovny, you probably think of the actor, but a lot of people don't realize he is also a musician, and Wednesday night, he performed in Orange. His appearance was part of a television series called "Sessions at Willow Grove," and Kelsey Summer had the chance to talk with him about his transition into music.

Duchovny is a multi-award winning actor, producer, director, author, and now, singer-songwriter, but what role does Duchovny identify with most?

Photos: David Duchovny performs at the Sessions at Willow Grove in Virginia - October 7, 2015

David Duchnovy performs at the Sessions at Willow Grove at The Inn at Willow Grove on October 7, 2015 in Orange, Virginia.

Sound Check with David Duchovny at Willow Grove in Virginia - October 7, 2015

Wednesday, October 7

This is happening...Oct 7th! The multi-talented David Duchovny getting ready to bring down the "barn" at the Sessions!

Trailers: Official The X-Files Revival Clips

Saturday, October 3

The next mind-bending chapter of THE X-FILES debuts with a special two-night event beginning Sunday, Jan. 24 (10:00-11:00 PM ET/7:00-8:00 PM PT), following the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME, and continuing with its time period premiere on Monday, Jan. 25 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT).

David Duchovny talks about about performing in the moment - October 3, 2015

In January, he published a New York Times bestseller called Holy Cow: A Modern Day Dairy Tale. (His second book, Bucky F&%@ing Dent, is now available for pre-order.)

This year brought more big news for Duchovny fans: a six-episode revival of the “The X-Files” (cue fangirl screaming), his small screen reappearance in Aquarius and his release of a self-penned alt-rock music album, called Hell or Highwater.

Perhaps no one is more surprised by this artistic turn of events than Duchovny himself, who spoke to C-VILLE Weekly in a phone conversation prior to his October 7 musical performance for Sessions at Willow Grove, a television concert series filmed at The Inn at Willow Grove in Orange.

Hell or Highwater: List of David Duchovny upcoming concerts in October 2015

Friday, October 2

Virginia: October 7, 2015
David Duchovny to sing music from debut CD "Sessions at Willow Grove"

Washington DC: October 26, 205
An Evening with David Duchovny at the "Howard Theather"

Sound Check with David Duchovny in Pittsburg before concert - September 13, 2015

Sound Checking with David Duchovny at Altar Bar before his concert in Pittsburg. September 13, 2015
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