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DP/30: Phantom, writer/director Todd Robinson, Ed Harris, David Duchovny

Thursday, February 28

video dp/30

FULL: David Duchovny on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 02/27/2013

VIDEO: THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO - Episode 4418. Actor David Duchovny during an interview with host Jay Leno on February 27, 2013. #PhantomTheMovie 

Beneath the surface with David Duchovny of ‘Phantom’

You don’t need to sneak your way into the ancient “X Files.”

David Duchovny is an open book when you ask him a highly personal question: Why is it that the gossip always had him feuding with his TV co-star Gillian Anderson?

“You tell me why,” Duchovny says with a laugh during a phone interview from his New York home. “We’re great friends. In fact, last year the tabloids had us living together, so maybe we turned the corner.

“Some guy passed me on the streets the other day and actually said, ‘Is it true? Are you living with Gillian?’ I said, ‘If I am, she’s extremely quiet, because I haven’t noticed her just yet.’ ”

David Duchovny: What He Knows Now About Turning 50

David Duchovny Interview: What He Knows Now About Turning 50 and How to Feel Great
David Duchovny on turning 50, what he knows now and tips on how to feel great

DAVID DUCHOVNY, star of "Californication" and the new film "Phantom"

There is no one nicer and smarter than actor David Duchovny who starred for nine seasons on "The X Files" and now has a new submarine thriller out Friday called "Phantom." Now that he has (unbelievably) hit the big 5-Oh, I asked what he knows now and how to feel great at any age.

He knows not to fret about age and the number on his driver's license.
David says, "When you're an actor, people talk to you about your age. They talk about it so much that they're kind of used to it. So, I knew that the big 50th birthday was coming. I knew it for the last ten years. So, you can't focus on the numbers."

Yahoo Video: David Duchovny Measures Up Mulder And Moody

We caught up with David Duchovny, who is starring in the upcoming flick, Phantom. David fills us in on the new movie, and talks about the differences between playing Hank Moody and Fox Mulder.

Video: Ed Harris & David Duchovny on Disneyland & Melting Army Guys

Phantom is in theaters March 1, 2013, starring David Duchovny and Ed Harris. Grae Drake spoke to them about filming in tight quarters, Disneyland, and melting army guys.

Photos: David Duchovny: Phantom Premiere in Los Angeles

Wednesday, February 27

Actor David Duchovny arrives at the premiere of 'Phantom' at the Chinese Theater on February 27, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.
Find more pictures:  -  Part II  -  Part III - More photos after the cut!

Five Minutes With David Duchovny

Last night we spoke on the phone with David Duchovny, during an interview that was shortened to just five minutes due to the actor's time constraints ("Jen, this five minutes is gonna be so good you're not gonna want any more," he promised at the start). Below is a transcription of that interview, where we try to cram in as much as possible about his career, which we've followed since he first appeared on our television as a cross-dressing secret agent on Twin Peaks.

This Friday, Duchovny's latest movie, Phantom, hits the big screen—the dark, submarine thriller is based on a true story, and brings the viewer back to the Cold War era.

EXCLUSIVE: David Duchovny Surfaces in ‘Phantom’

Dressed casually in jeans and a white t-shirt, his hair slightly mussed, Duchovny spoke about playing a Cold War era commie who goes toe-to-toe with Ed Harris, who plays the submarine captain, as they wrestle for control of a nuclear-armed sub in the Todd Robinson (“Lonely Hearts,” “White Squall”) written and directed drama.

Q: You, Ed Harris, Lance Henriksen and William Fichtner—what a great cast.

Duchovny: You never know when you make a movie. This one, I knew we had good actors, I didn’t know if the story would play because I don’t know if I really understood it. (He chuckles.) I understood why in terms of how to act it but I wasn’t sure if the audience knew enough as we went along to keep them interested or guessing enough or guessing too much, which is always the case in a thriller. Are you giving enough (clues) or too much? So when I saw the movie I was like yes, it’s giving me just enough information and withholding enough, and that was all working for me.

Some David Duchovny Pictures promoting Phantom on 2/26

Tuesday, February 26

David Duchovny at the Four Seasons hotel during a press junket for the upcoming movie Phantom. 

'Phantom': Los Angeles Red Carpet Premiere 2/27

Monday, February 25

"Phanton" Premiere

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
Chinese Theater in Hollywood at 7:30 pm.

Red carpet: 6:30 - 7 :30 pm.

An Exclusive Peek Into Duchovny's Submarine Drama

Submarine dramas have a storied history in Hollywood -- from Das Boot to U571. Now, David Duchovny and Ed Harris are suiting up to play seamen in the new suspense thriller, Phantom.

Set during the Cold War, this true story focuses on a Soviet submarine captain who is forced to lead a covert mission that could spark a global nuclear war. ETonline scored an exclusive clip from this gripping new film. Watch!

Phantom opens on March 1.

How Maggie Grace Got 'Lost' in 'Californication'

Lost fans were elated when it was revealed that Maggie Grace's arc on Californication would coincide with Jorge Garcia's two-episode guest stint, effectively giving Lost fans one seriously amazing reunion. But even before Grace's groupie ran afoul of Garcia's drug czar, there was a lot to celebrate about the re-energized and rollicking sixth season of David Duchovny's Showtime starrer.

I caught up with Maggie recently in NYC to talk all about this unique new character, what it was like to share scenes with Jorge again and to find out how much she truly knows about California's penal system. Fair warning: Maggie was so charming, I totally lost count of her correct answers during the game.

4 New Stills: David Duchovny in Phantom

Saturday, February 23

Johnathon Schaech and David Duchovny in Phantom: see

Google+ Hangout with Evan Handler & Pamela Adlon from Californication

Guess what? Pam Adlon is joining Evan Handler for what's bound to be a hilarious Google+ Hangout. Don't miss your chance to hang with the Californication stars this Wednesday, February 27th at 4PM PT/ 7PM ET.
Have a question for Pam and/or Evan? Make sure to comment on this post with your questions & tune in here to watch: on Wednesday!

Fanpics: David Duchovny - 'Playing God' movie set

Friday, February 22

Liza wrote: "#1996 Movie "Playing God" Starring Angelina Jolie and David Duchovny. My gyrating butt made it into the trailer :) #gogodancer #PlayingGod #DavidDuchovny #AngelinaJolie"

Californication: Episode: 6x08 'EVERYBODY'S A F**KING CRITIC'

6.08 'Everybody's a F**king Critic'

Aired Date: March 10, 2013
Written by: Tom Kapinos
Directed by: Seith Mann

Guest Stars: Maggie Grace, Stephen Tobolowsky, Maggie Wheeler And Tim Minchin

The reviews are in for the first draft of A Crazy Little Thing Called Love: The Musical. Hank (DAVID DUCHOVNY) looks for inspiration from Faith (MAGGIE GRACE) to help get him to the next level. Hank’s constructive criticism leads Becca (MADELEINE MARTIN) contemplating alternate careers. Charlie (EVAN HANDLER) and Stu Beggs (STEPHEN TOBOLOWSKY) join forces to win back Marcy (PAMELA ADLON), but first, they’ll have to pry her from the man-hating clutches of Ophelia Robins (MAGGIE WHEELER).

David Duchovny on the cover of Esquire Ukraine

Thursday, February 21

David Duchovny is on the cover of the next month's issue of Esquire Ukraine, March 2013.

 Photoshoot with the same photo here

David Duchovny on 'The Late Show with Craig Ferguson' 02/28

David Duchovny will be on 'The Late Show with Craig Ferguson' on February 28, 2013 #PhantomTheMovie


When: 3:00 PM - 02/28/2013
Where: Los Angeles, CA
Guests: David Duchovny, Trace Adkins, Ashley Madekwe, Naya Rivera


David Duchovny guest on The Tonight Show 02/27/2013

David Duchovny will be on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' on February 27, 2013.  #PhantomTheMovie


Hank Moody Sports Coat / Jacket

Wednesday, February 20


What's the jacket Hank Moody wears on Californication? Hank is very casual yet stylish.When he's not wearing his distinctive black leather jacket. He will be wearing a dark sports coat/jacket/blazer with two buttoms close in front. See pictures below: 

(From left to right) Image from Hank Moody in Season 3.
Image from Promo Californication Season 1

We confirmed that Hank is dressed with  Yves Saint Laurent sports coat/jacket.(It's not showed here but during the series if you pay close attention. There was a glimpse of the sports coat's inside pocket and it is visible the logo of YSL: Yves Saint Laurent). 

New Picture: David Duchovny in Phantom

Saturday, February 16

Don't forget 'Phantom' Release Date is MARCH 1.

Ed Harris, David Duchovny, William Fitchner and Johnathon Schaech in Phantom

'Californication' reunites 'Lost'-ies

Thursday, February 14

Hurley and Shannon sharing the small screen again.

Yes, Lost fans, Jorge Garcia and Maggie Grace guest star on the next episode (06.05 - 'Rock and a Hard Place') alongside stars David Duchovny and Evan Handler. From the looks of things, Garcia's character is a little darker this time around (and quite fond of narcotics):

Photo: Jorge Garcia, left, and Tim Minchin, right, guest star on 'Californication.'


Clips & Stills: Californication: Episode: 6x05 "Rock and a Hard Place"

Wednesday, February 13

6.05 "Rock and a Hard Place"

Aired Date: February 17, 2013
Written by: Tom Kapinos
Directed by: David Von Ancken

Guest Stars: Maggie Grace, Stephen Tobolowsky, Patrick Fischler, Sarah Wynter, Jorge Garcia, Maggie Wheeler, Lee Arenberg, Meghan Falcone And Tim Minchin

Ken (Lee Arenberg) discovers Charlie’s (Evan Handler) secret. Atticus Fetch (Tim Minchin) sends Hank (David Duchovny) and Charlie (Evan Handler) on a hunt, so they enlist the help of Hank’s daughter, Becca (Madeleine Martin), Gabriel (Patrick Fischler), Faith (Maggie Grace), Shari (Meghan Falcone) and a well-connected contact (Jorge Garcia). Marcy (Pamela Adlon) makes a decision about Stu (Stephen Tobolowsky) that is influenced by her man-hating spiritual guide, Ophelia Robbins (Maggie Wheeler)

Phantom Billboards Everywhere!

More Phantom Billboards after the jump, now in Miami and New York...and many more places...

Phantom is also on TV.

"More Phantom billboards are going up around Los Angeles." Tall vertical billboard spied along Sunset Boulevard on February 11, 2013

tall vertical billboard spied along Sunset Boulevard on February 11, 2013

Clips & Stills: Californication: Episode: 6x06 "In The Clouds"

Friday, February 8

6.06 "In The Clouds"

Aired date: February 24, 2013
Written by: Tom Kapinos
Directed by: David Von Ancken

Guest Stars: Maggie Grace, Alanna Ubach, Sarah Wynter, Steve Jones And Tim Minchin Co-Stars: Kristina Kruz, Elizabeth Nicole, Jack J. Bennett

Karen (Natascha Mcelhone) asks Hank (David Duchovny) to intervene with Becca (Madeleine Martin). Later, the boys board Air Force 69 with Atticus Fetch (Tim Minchin), to fly to NYC to present the songs for the Broadway adaptation of A Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Charlie (Evan Handler) faces a serious case of aerophobia, but he’s got The Widow (Alanna Ubach) to take his mind off things. Atticus is surprised by Faith (Maggie Grace), while his wife (Sarah Wynter) surprises Hank.

LA Confidential Outtakes: David Duchovny & Natascha McElhone

Thursday, February 7

Unseen pictures of David Duchovny and Nastascha McElhone from 'Los Angeles Confidential' photoshoot. You can see the magazine scans here (September 2012 issue). More pictures after the cut. #Californication

Interview: David Duchovny chats CALIFORNICATION Season 6

Monday, February 4

The actor discusses Season 6, plus what scares him this year

David Duchovny is now in his sixth season of playing troubled, womanizing writer Hank Moody on Showtime’s dark comedy CALIFORNICATION, which runs Sundays at 10:30 PM. The New York-born, Yale-educated actor made a mark on RED SHOE DIARIES, TWIN PEAKS and the feature film KALIFORNIA, but – CALIFORNICATION aside – Duchovny is arguably best known for playing paranormally inclined FBI agent Fox Mulder on the TV series THE X-FILES from 1993 through 2002 and twoX-FILES feature films. His new theatrical feature PHANTOM, a submarine thriller with Ed Harris, is about to be released.

At a party thrown by CBS for the Television Critics Association, Duchovny obligingly talks about what he likes about CALIFORNICATION – and what scares him about what he’s being called on to do this season.

ASSIGNMENT X: Did you imagine CALIFORNICATION would run at least six seasons when you started it?
DAVID DUCHOVNY: I didn’t think it was going to go very long, so I’m surprised, but also I’m not surprised, because the heart of the show is the family relationships. That can always be interesting, always change and our daughter on the show has gone from fourteen to nineteen, so that gives you a reservoir of different material, so you don’t have to keep on doing the same stuff.


Friday, February 1


  1. Sunglasses
  2. T-Shirt
  3. Dress Shirt
  4. Jeans
  5. Sports Coat / Jacket
  6. Leather Jacket
  7. Boots
  8. Ring
  9. Wrist band / leather bracelet

Signature look: Black T-Shirt and dark denim jeans paired with a sport jacket (Dressed Up) up or a leather jacket (Casual) and of course his signature sunglasses and dark boots.
Get the Hank Moody Style: 


In Season 6 of Californication Hank is wearing a pair of Ray Ban RB8301 002/N5 TECH sunglasses with black shades.

In the opening episode of Season 5 of Californication. Hank Moody is wearing a pair of Persol 714 sunglasses. These glasses are real classic. You can get these Hank Moody Persol 714 sunglasses. Hank is wearing the Havana frame/brown glass version but they are also available in black.

Hank Moody Black T-Shirt
Hank is almost always seen with his characteristic Hanes 4 oz NANO-T Cool Dri T-Shirt (Black, Large) Find more here

Hank Moody is wearing dark denim straight cut jeans and more often than not they are Earnest Sewn Men’s “Fulton” Classic Straight Leg Jeans. However, sometimes he wears Levi's Men's 501 Original Fit Jean, Dark Stonewash. More info here.

Hank Moody Californication Leather Jacket

Posed by David Duchovny in popular TV serial Californication, this Hank Moody Leather jacket purely portrays the soberness of a person. Created with elite quality synthetic leather, this jacket has snap collar which opens to a zipped front. 2 side slit pockets and long sleeves with snap buttons makes it simple and elegant. Piping designs throughout the front, back and sleeves gives it a classy appearance.
You can adquire here a replica of the Hank Moody Jacket.

Hank Moody Boots
Sometimes brown but mostly black. In season 3 of Californication Hank Moody is wearing Timberland Men's EK Brook Park Chelsea Boot. Available in both colors. 

David Duchovny playing guitar in New York City

David Duchovny playing guitar with Keaton Simons at 'City Winery' in NYC. February 1, 2013

Interview: California Dreamy

David Duchovny on Californication’s season of sex, drugs—and rock ’n’ roll

“David Duchovny, why won’t you love me, why won’t you love me?!,” keened the lyrics of 1999’s cult-pop hit entitled—what else?—“David Duchovny.” The song expressed the global infatuation legions felt for the droll Princeton- and Yale-educated actor and his Golden Globe-winning run as The X-Files’ UFO-chasing FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder. Duchovny once feared he’d “never get out from under the shadow of that role,” but almost 20 years later, Mr. D is still wickedly dancing away. This month he returns for a sixth sex-soaked season as Hank Moody, Californication’s writer and incorrigible ne’er-do-well. “It’s a blast,” says Duchovny. We agree, say we.

Watch!: So, Hank Moody is an alcoholic stoner and a shameless womanizer—and I love him. Should I get help?
David Duchovny: (Laughing.) No. Hank is attractive because he tells the truth, he’s not hypocritical and it’s rare we get a character like that. He’s outspoken to the detriment of his own health and well-being; he’s truly himself and that’s admirable, in a way, but you know that he’s always going to say the wrong thing and it’s going to be funny. Or disastrous.
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