Hank Moody T-Shirt


There are several factors that contribute to Hank Moody's ability to look good while wearing a black T-shirtOne important factor is his confidence. Hank's confidence and attitude make him look good in any clothing he wears, and his black T-shirt is no exception.

Another factor is his fit. Hank's T-shirts are well-fitted, not too loose or too tight, which helps to accentuate his physique and give him a more polished look.

Hank Moody is dressed and ready for any situation he gets into. His clothes are basic and simple, yet he looks comfortable and stylish. He exudes confidence sporting black and dark blue t-shirts.

First, more often than not he uses a black cotton t-shirt with round neck. We found out that the brand used in Californication is James Perse Luxury Fashion Men's T-Shirt Black (out of stock)

Another option that looks pretty much similar, It's a HANES Men's NANO-T T-Shirt - You can find it in different sizes. It comes in black and navy blue. Plus, it's also made of cotton

Hank wearing his characteristic black t-shirt
in Season 6 of Californication

Hank Moody Black T-Shirt
Hank Moody T-Shirt on Californication