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Hank Moody T-Shirt


Hank Moody often wears a basic black T-Shirt with round neck in Californication.

Hank Moody is almost always seen wearing his characteristic black t-shirt. We found out that the brand Duchovny wears for Hank is "James Perse" (James Perse t-shirt: brushed cotton crew neck). Currently, rounded neck t-shirts in this brand are out of stock. However, you can find the same of the same brand in v-neck, available in Grey and Black.

Similar options in the same brand in colors Mariner and Blue are:

However, if you think that brand it's too expensive, and it's not worth it to spend that much money on a regular black t-shirt. Another option that looks pretty much similar, and it will cost you less. It's a HANES Men's NANO-T T-Shirt - You can find it in different sizes. It comes in black and navy blue. Plus, it's also available in cotton

Hank wearing his characteristic black t-shirt
in Season 6 of Californication

Hank Moody Black T-Shirt

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