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Is Californication over?
Season 7 premieres in April 2014. They finished filming the new season (7th Season) on July 2013. Californication Season 7 is currently in post-production.

How many seasons does Californication have?
Californication has 6 seasons as of 2013.  Season 7 premieres on April 13, 2014.

When will Californication end?
Officialy the Seventh Season is the last and final [Read the official announcement made on December 9]. David Duchovny said before that Season 7 could be the last. Also many guest starts during the shooting of Season 7 said this was the last season.

Hank Moody Tattoo. How Many Tattos does Hank Moody have?
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David Duchovny has tattoos? How many tattoos does David Duchovny have?
He has three visible tattoos ;)

Compass: Made for his daughter West after she recovered from a severe illness in 2000.

Ying-Yang: First time this tatto was seen it was in late 2008. David never explained this tattoo. However, under the ying-yang symbol it's visible KMD [Kyd Miller Duchovny]. Duchovny's son initials.

What is the ring/tattoo in David Duchovny's finger? 
AYSF: Made for his 10th wedding anniversary with Tea Leoni in 2007, she had the same tattoo.
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Is David Duchovny still married?
David divorced in 2014. Read article here and here. He was separated for the second time from Téa Leoni in June 2011. During an interview in 2012, he said: "David confirmed that he’s still married to actress Tea Leoni, but they are separated. Asked about the tattoo on his ring finger..." inquierer.net

Is Hank Moody based on David Duchovny?
No. Tom Kapinos, the creator of Californication, wrote the script before meeting with David Duchovny.

Does this site [Duchovny Central] have any affiliation with David Duchovny?
No. This is a fan site dedicated to David Duchovny. We are not affiliate with him.

What's David Duchovny instagram/facebook/twitter/social media...? 
His official accouns are:

Does David Duchovny have a girlfriend?
Yes. He never confirmed it on interviews yet. But as fans, we have seen him with a girl named Monique Pendleberry. They have been together since 2017. See picture here.