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Californication: Stu Baggs, Stephen Tobolowsky on Reddit Q&A

Thursday, March 13

Stephen Tobolowsky (Marcy's ex-husband, Stu Baggs on Californication) did a Reddit through which he fielded questions and comments from fans on February 24, 2014. He is also in the upcoming Season 7 of the show. All the Californication and David Duchovny related questions after the cut!

IAmA: I have acted in over 200 TV shows and films, including "Groundhog Day," "Californication" and "Memento." Now I'm making my own movie. My name is Stephen Tobolowsky. Ask Me Anything.

Loved you on Californication- Any interesting behind the scenes stories or even just a favorite scene to film?Any of the sex scenes with Pam Adlon had to be the best. I always had to sign a 4-page contract that said no part of me would enter any part of Pam.
Pam's ad-libs during the scenes had me laughing more than panting. It was such a good cast, such a good crew, and Tom Kapinos was a great writer/producer. Singularly my favorite acting experience.
Funny Californication moment, off the set: I was at synagogue and they were carrying the Torah around. My rabbi leaned in and said "Loved Californication last week." It seemed so right and so wrong.
Is your Penis as big as it is claimed to be in Californication? EDIT: You look like one of those guys with a freakshow esque member.My wife has instructed me that all such questions have to be referred to her.
Mrs. Tobolowsky, is Stephen's penis as big as it is claimed in Californication?My wife says "Of course!"
Stephen Tobolowsky offers a somewhat serious response to my stupid joke during his AMA, ignoring my legitimate question.The difference between character actors and the leading men is that everything the leading men do is on film. Character actors have to invent that life off screen and bring that reality on screen. It's much more imaginative work and the hours are better.
I ain't even mad.(Do I envy them? No. David Duchovny - I've never seen anyone work so hard for so many hours in my life! 16 hour days, back-to-back-to-back-to-back. No thank you).
Have you and Duchovny ever hooked up?I never hooked up with David. David is incredibly scholarly and I wouldn't mind a MENTAL hook-up, if you know what I mean. He's the only actor I know that owns the OED.
What do you think about the cast of Californication, are they actually said sex-addicts??!! what about yourself, fellow sex addict?
The true addiction of the cast of Californication is that everybody on that show (for real) - David, Pam, Evan, Natasha - is fighting to be good parents. Everybody on the show has had life crises, difficulties, etc. and everyone has put their kids first.
It's the one thing that unites everybody on that show.
I thought there would be a lot more Californication questions.Let me put it this way: Californication was so fun to work on that crew members would cancel their vacation so they could work on this show.

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