Thursday, February 18


January 2010

Q: This spring you're starring in a movie called The Joneses, in which you play the "father" of a cool but fake family that a corporation assembles to coax their neighbors into buying stuff. I suppose a lot of celebrities do the same thing.
A: Yeah, sure. I haven't sold that much. But the culture that's embracing Twilight and Paranormal Activity and District 9 and 2012—you could kind of say that The X-Files sold that.

Q: You helped release a media virus. 
A: Exactly. And now it's reinfected people. I guess it went dormant for a while.

Wednesday, February 10

Californication Season 4: Interview with David Duchovny

Q: It is a pivotal time for Californication. Set the scene for us - how does Season 3end and Season 4 start?
Hank had gone to bed with Mia [Madeleine Zima] at the start of Season 1. He doesn’t know at the time, but she’s sixteen. She’s also the daughter of the man that his ex-girlfriend Karen [Natascha McElhone] is living with. So it’s just wrong on every level. When we started the show, I said, “I don’t think this guy lies about anything.” He usually tells the truth because he doesn’t care about what people think of him. But there is this one lie that he’s been telling, and he’s been withholding this truth for three years. During the last episode of Season 3 the s**t hits the fan. He’s got to tell Karen the truth that he was with this under aged woman, Mia. The cops come to break up a fight after the big revelation. He ends up taking a swing at a police officer and he’s put in jail overnight. Season 4 picks up the day after the Season 3 finale, and things are looking really bad for Hank.