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Gillian Anderson: It's Hilarious. We need to heal quickly, X-Files

Wednesday, May 17

Gillian Anderson revealed that the filming of The X-Files will take more than 5 months. She also joked about her injury and David Duchovny's arm sling.  

She talked with the Hollywood Reporter at the Webby Awards, Monday night in New York:

"It was hilarious. The whole thing was hilarious," Anderson said of Duchovny's presentation. "The fact that we're both crippled right now is so f—ing funny. And we're about to start five and a half months of filming so we're going to have to heal really quickly. It was just hilarious between that clip and his speech and us both being invalids, it made my year so far."

While Duchovny is dealing with a shoulder injury, Anderson said, she "jumped in a shallow pool and fractured my heel."

As the shooting of The X-Files approaches, we can not wait for spoilers! 

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